OK – Now let’s see him get OUT of that tight spot!

With the world’s most populous nation, the Chinese sometimes have to pack a lot of people and things into small spaces. “Optimization” means making the most of something – getting the most “bang for the buck” – like squeezing the best possible performance from your IT network.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to get better performance. Although aging equipment does affect speed and efficiency, there are many other variables that need to be considered. You may not need an expensive upgrade just yet, but the level of expert technical knowhow needed may be above your present IT guy’s pay grade. Or, your in-house techs are too swamped with projects to take time to do the diagnostics.

We suggest calling ManagePoint to come in and do a FREE 27-Point Network Optimization Assessment (a $295 value)*. There are no-strings-attached to this offer. It is our way of introducing our premium services to businesses with 10 or more computers and at least one server.

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