It’s unusual for your rescuers to sing to you.

You call: Your server crashed. All your data is gone. Singing is not what you have in mind when our techs show up. You just want your system back up so you can be back in business. Our guys are masters of rescue and restore. But they have other talents as well.

Not just techs: Greg is a guitar demon! A blues virtuoso. He won’t have you singing the blues, though. You’ll be jumping for joy. Evan, I hear, sings opera. Don’t know where I heard that, but he looks like he could. Ask him to sing an aria – “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis will have you in tears, I’m sure! Jon is the spittin’ image of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Just give him a lip ring and ear plugs and, voila! - it’s Chester! Maybe he is Bennington in disguise. Ask him to give a rendition of “Burn it Down”. Maybe he’ll dance a bit, too.

We don’t just fix the stuff your old IT guy or vendor screwed up, we actually enjoy what we do … because we’re good at it and we know it. So, you can relax a bit when we come out to you. Ask the guys to sing. They love it. (No extra charge!)

We are experts at network management and data backup / recovery. Please call us. Even if you think you’ve got it covered. Let us verify your backup system.

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