If this doesn’t motivate you to get off your hind-end, please check your pulse!

Yes, this is the time of year when gym memberships sell like hotcakes. Arthur’s story has really inspired us here at ManagePoint. If he could do this, what’s holding you back?

After 15 years of vegetating and making excuses, something clicked in his head and he said, “Enough is enough!” Then he sought out someone he believed could help him to coach him. The right coach makes the difference. You see that in the sports world all the time.

Maybe thinking of us at ManagePoint as a coach is a new thought. “Trusted Advisor” is probably how most of our clients think of us. Permit me re-frame the dynamic: Perhaps you have been making excuses for sub-par performance of your IT network. You have been working with aged, slow or broken equipment and putting on braces and patches. Too expensive to upgrade, you think. Your IT company makes good money applying temporary fixes.

Here’s a situation we ran into last year:
Last summer we sent one of our technicians on a call to a multi-site company headquartered in Milwaukee to look at an issue that this company’s regular vendor- a large, well-known local IT management company – had been working on for over 8 months. They kept sending different techs out who had to re-learn the system. They would apply temporary fixes but never got to the root cause. Finally fed up, they called ManagePoint. Our technician was able to find the problem, fix it right, and uncover a number of other issues the big-name company had neglected to address.

Enough is Enough? Call us Trusted Advisors or Coaches, we love technology and we love what we do. We believe we can help you achieve your goals and even exceed them. We are the Hassle-Free Computer Networking Experts in the SE Wisconsin and Chicagoland area.
You will always get a live person on our end of the phone, or someone will get back with you in 15 minutes or less. Call us today: 414-456-9837.