What If Something From Space Landed on Your Business?

A lot of asteroids have been buzzing the Earth lately, have you noticed? Every week, it seems, you hear of another one! One exploded over Russia last month and really messed things up.

So, what if some space junk fell on your building? How long would it take for you to be up and running again? Machines can be replaced, but can your data? You think your data is being backed up, but when have you verified and tested your backups? Kudos if you have recently verified because very few do.

Not long ago a manufacturer responded to an offer for a free checkup. They had been doing regular backups to tape (!!!) and safely storing them in the trunk of the owner's car (!!!!). Our test revealed that they were going through all the motions, but nothing was actually being backed up because the backup unit was broken.

Few companies take disaster preparedness seriously until something happens – a tornado, a flood, a fire... or something falling from space. Then it becomes a very expensive thing to fix and many companies don’t survive.

Please take advantage of this month’s very special offer – a FREE Disaster Preparedness Audit. We will check your backup systems and verify that they are working by doing a test restore. Also, we will help you create an Action Plan, if you don’t already have one in place. Please call today, as we have to limit this offer to the first 5 businesses that call with min. 10 computers and one server.

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