Simple Steps to Keep Your Employees From Doing Stupid Things That Expose Your Business To Risk and Reduce Productivity and Profit

Are your employees surfing the internet on company time, going to potentially harmful websites, downloading porn or pirated music? Do you even know? Are they using personal devices to do company business? Do they keep passwords on Post-it notes? If an employee found a USB thumbdrive in the parking lot, would they open it to see the content and possibly expose your whole network to malware? (Research shows that more than 80% would!)

You Are More At Risk Than You Think!

The things listed above greatly reduce the productivity of your employees and put your network at considerable risk of intrusion and attack by malware. Hackers can gain easy access to bank accounts, confidential files and proprietary software. Half the businesses breached by hackers are no longer in business within two years.

Behind the laughter about the video there is some really good advice: Some issues can be easily addressed. Sometimes it may be as simple as telling employees to “Stop it” and taking a few proactive steps:

  1. Establish clear company policy and publish it in the policy manual.
  2. Ensure that the policy is read and understood.
  3. Periodically remind the employees of the policies.
  4. Set up the necessary filters and firewalls and have good updated antivirus protection.
  5. Have a means to monitor online behavior.

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