David and his team are very responsive and resolve our issues in a timely matter. We have been utilizing their managed service program for 3 years now and get satisfaction knowing we are in good hands from an IT perspective. My company originally engaged ManagePoint to help with a server install for a new ERP software, whom was referred to us by our ERP consultant. We had a such a great experience with their expertise and guidance on the install that we decided to switch from our current 3rd party provider to ManagePoint. They have truly transitioned our network infrastructure into a world class environment.

Josh Wilson Treasurer - Illing Company

Managepoint is not your typical IT consulting company. David and the rest of his staff are genuinely concerned about fixing our company's IT problems and proactively keeping everything running smoothly. They have also brought many innovative ideas to the table and have executed the projects we chose to perfection.

Joe Grosskopf VP of Finance - Animix

Couldn’t ask for a better partner! ManagePoint has been our IT Support Company for the last two years. I’ve managed IT in several smaller non-profit organizations, not as a sole responsibility, but concurrently with others, HR/IT/Administrative Services, etc. and have worked with several IT consulting firms. I’ve been through hardware, software, and data conversions and since the first, dreaded every one.
Contracting with ManagePoint has been the best possible decision. Their team flawlessly handled every aspect of the transition to their service. Our super-tech, Jim, uncovered and repaired an unimaginable number of issues prior to the change. Cutover day came and went and not a single person noticed other than to say, “the network seems faster today.”
While our aging hardware and network infrastructure have challenged the ManagePoint team on many occasions, Dave, Jim, Greg, and Ann always find the answers. We are confident they negotiate the best prices for us and work hard to stay within the stringent budget of our nonprofit. Several major hardware upgrades are on the horizon, but notice I didn’t say loom, because I’m confident this one will go smoothly and afterward employees will say, “someone super-charged my computer. What happened?” ManagePoint, that’s what!

Terri Torbeck HR Director - Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

David and his team are great to work with. They got us back on track after our previous IT provider left our network a mess. They will give you personified service that best fits your business. Their techs are willing to help teach me 🙂 Highly recommend them for you IT needs.

Brian Bauer Network Administator - Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

We are very happy ManagePoint took over our IT needs and solutions. When David and his team came on board, they took time to listen to our IT needs and put together a customized plan for us. ManagePoint techs are so easy to work with, they always respond in a timely manner resolving any issues we have. I would highly recommend David and his team. Thank you ManagePoint, we look forward to continuing to work with you.

Donna Lyons Office Manager - Former Equipment
Adam Lussier Columbia Grinding
Will Hope Executive Director
Milwaukee Outreach Center
Cindy Palmer Price Erecting

"Above and Beyond our expectations"

ManagePoint completed our project well within the time-frame that we had required. Their work was above and beyond our expectations. It was a pleasure to have such this level of care and competence in an IT company. In the past we never had this level of service. Our software can create some unique situations, but it was no problem to the ManagePoint team. In all our communications with them, it was wonderful to have a “smile” at the other end of the phone. Their level of courtesy and professionalism is First Class.

Larry Feaman President
Integrated Payroll Services, Delafield

"Gives his clients the highest value for their dollar…"

I have worked with David for a number of years and I find his integrity and honesty refreshing. His dedication to his clients and his desire to give his clients the highest value for their dollar is one of the things I have admired in David for years. His technical knowledge and his understanding of the needs his clients make David a great resource for any company.

Ken Mitchell Consultant
Digital Data Systems

"Shows up on time and gets the job done no matter what it takes…"

Please only consider working with Dave and his crew if you want someone to show up on time and get the job done no matter what it takes. If you’d rather spend more money and get really frustrated with the service, then just take your pick of the 10,000 other IT companies out there!

Andy Drefs Bottom Line Productions

"Well-trained, competent professionals"

In my career, I have experience with both in-house and contracted IT/IS. For the past 5 years, ManagePoint has been our vendor. Their concern for a working system and passion for service has convinced me that there will never be a need for in-house IT professionals here. In a time where customer service is a lost art, David and his staff have shown time and again that their passion for and ability to keep our system up and running is second to none. They are up to speed on all the latest hardware and software and simply will not quit until everything is running the way we need it to run. Those are the hallmarks I am interested in…a passion for service, the ability to deliver and a well-trained, competent staff of professionals.

James Hellen Operations Manager
Independent Inspections, Ltd.

"They respond promptly and get things back up and running quickly."

Our systems have been working great since ManagePoint has been our IT service provider. They respond promptly and get things back up and running quickly. When our printer was not functioning recently - they were right on it and got it going again in time for our reports. We are very pleased with ManagePoint’s service.

Jeff Hanratty Branch Manager
Stone Wheel, Collinsville, IL

"Always available whenever we call – even after business hours."

ManagePoint is always available to solve a problem whenever we call and provides good support even after business hours. They have even been able to keep our old Quantum system running!

Kent Kuecherer Quality Control Manager
Pereles Brothers

"Very practical and detailed…"

From the day we called ManagePoint in to diagnose and fix a broken virtual environment (incorrectly implemented by a previous vendor) 6 years ago, we have depended upon the experts at ManagePoint to offer prompt response to critical issues, and to work with us to schedule others. They always do a thorough job, and provide proposals that are a practical fit for our company. They don’t ask us to “upgrade to see if that fixes the problem” because they already know if it will! They manage high level areas of our network, servers, and security, and have educated us during new implementations so we can do many things on our own. I’ve compared their services to several other IT providers, and no one has come close to ManagePoint, so we’re staying with them – I always feel like I’m their favorite customer!

Julie Guenterberg IT Manager
Engman-Taylor Co.

"Their response time is excellent."

ManagePoint gives prompt attention to rectifying problems. Their response time is excellent. They will either call or email, advising that they are handling the situation remotely.

Chris Stopka Office Manager
First Realty, Richmond, IL

"Conforms to budgetary constraints…"

Dave provides a high level of customer service and listens so that a problem only has to be fixed once. He has extensive knowledge of resources and equipment and can find multiple ways to fix a problem and conform to budgetary constraints.

Mike Rintelman Exec. Director
The Milwaukee Outreach Center

"Great results…"

Great results every time. ManagePoint is always looking for ways to make my IT run smoother.

Wendy Keehan President
Advantage Home Care

"They never pass the buck!"

When our phone and internet went down one night, ManagePoint was quickly in contact with both the phone company and our ISP and me at home. They never passed the buck but stayed with it until it was resolved. ManagePoint has always provided reliable and economical solutions to our IT issues, and the issues are usually fixed the first time!

Susan Kerr Accounting Manager
Pereles Brothers

"I sleep a lot easier at night!"

I thought our network was absolutely secure UNTIL one of our employees accidentally downloaded a nasty worm. Within seconds, our entire network was compromised but thanks to ManagePoint, we were able to quickly recover and avoid a lot of embarrassment, costs and downtime. Now we have the proper security systems in place and are being monitored. Thanks to MANAGEPOINT I sleep a lot easier at night! I would urge every business owner to let ManagePoint review their network before they run into the same problem we had.

Angie Van Scyoc CEO
Geriatric Support/ Pathway Care

"Catastrophic Failure!"

The Milwaukee Outreach Center has a long standing relationship with Manage-Point. David had long been urging us to purchase a backup system, but because of budget restraints we had chosen not to implement his recommendation at that time. We thought the quad-drive Raid Array in our server would be sufficient. But we were wrong. Terribly wrong. All four drives failed simultaneously – a catastrophic failure! We had 22 years of donor information and records stored on those drives! Donors are the life blood of our organization, so this was a true catastrophe. We were at a complete loss as to what to do and were very worried. Lost data on Raid drives are generally unrecoverable, but we called Dave to see what he could do. Dave came to our rescue in a big way, performing nothing short of a miracle and was able to recover 95% of our data. What he saved us, both in labor-hours to rebuild the database and in lost potential donations is almost incalculable. Humbled and wiser, we immediately followed his advice and had him install a backup system. Then after that incident, Dave also took it upon himself to search and find a good server for us that was within our budgetary constraints. His recommendations and solutions have always been practical in that way.

Will Hope Director
The Milwaukee Outreach Center

"We have noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in performance and reliability."

ManagePoint has really been amazing! They recently helped us upgrade our PCs and software and we have noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement in performance and reliability. Our Technology-Induced Stress (TIS) levels are way down and happiness way up. Thanks ManagePoint!

K. C. Williams Pabst Farms Development