DON’T PANIC! This video will teach you how to make a rose out of a paper napkin and impress the HECK out of your girlfriend. Do I hear “Romantic Evening”?

Emergency planning is highly advisable for a multitude of situations. It’s always a good idea to have a backup in case Plan A doesn’t work out. That way, if Pick N Save is out of Fannie Farmer’s chocolates or the gas station is out of chocolate roses, the whole evening isn’t ruined.

Having an Emergency Plan in case your IT network goes down is pretty critical, too, don’t you think? You could lose thousands of dollars waiting for your system to come back from a power outage. Businesses without an emergency plan often never recover from disasters.

We’ve been very blessed in Wisconsin, weather-wise. States all around us have been getting HAMMERED by severe weather. Hurricane Sandy devastated the Eastern seaboard. We are coming up on the second anniversary of the Joplin Tornado. Our colleague down there, John Motazedi, was able to get all 200 of his clients up and running within 72 hours. – in spite of John’s own office being FLATTENED! John had done a great job communicating the need for a Backup/Disaster Recovery plan. Good thing!

For the month of February, we are offering a FREE Disaster Preparedness Assessment (normally a $295 charge). No cost. No obligation. Why? 1) Because we LOVE you; 2) because we see SO MANY area businesses that are totally unprepared; and, 3) because we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary! We could think of no better way to celebrate than to insure your business continuity. We want you to like us FOREVER!

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