If this guy doesn't make it as a nuclear bomb engineer, he can always sing for his supper.

Don’t know diddly about “string theory” or anything else he sings about, for that matter. But I think Bohemian Rhapsody is about the coolest composition ever, so I just had to click on it.
He reminds me (Mich) of when I meander into the tech room when the guys are discussing stuff. Way, way beyond me.

Smart AND talented is a rare combination, but I can say we have that mix with our engineering staff here at ManagePoint. We are very blessed.

So, if you’re still going around trying to keep your IT network running yourself, or hiring some low-cost part-timer to do it, maybe it’s time you let somebody that knows way more than you or your part-timer take care of your network for you. No offense, but there’s just no substitute for our smart, talented, knowledgeable and experienced team of technicians.

Better yet, at ManagePoint, we fix it right or you don’t pay. And we fix it right the first time. No sleight-of-hand phony fixes. No cover-ups. We won’t be charging you to come back again and again to fix the same thing. Yes, you may pay more, but you only pay once. Sound fair?
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