How does he do it? Is it magic?

We won’t reveal his secret here, but nowadays with just a few clicks of the mouse you can find out almost anything. Sometimes the things our gifted engineers at ManagePoint do may seem like magic. Many times they have gone in and done things other computer guys were not able to do. No, it’s not magic, but a “few clicks of the mouse” won’t always provide the solution, either.

ManagePoint is blessed to have some very savvy, experienced and, yes, gifted technicians on our team. They will often put their heads together to figure things out - something other IT consultants working alone can’t do. There is no substitute for skill. And when it comes to your IT network and irreplacable data, why mess around? And real skill, you know, comes with a price.

At ManagePoint, we fix it right or you don’t pay. And we fix it right the first time. No sleight-of-hand phony fixes. No cover-ups. We won’t be charging you to come back again and again to fix the same thing. Yes, you may pay more, but you only pay once. Sound fair?

Now, about Magic.... We can make your server disappear! Yup! I mean TOTALLY VANISH! You will never see it or need to get another one again! It could save you big bucks and hassles, too. We'll be happy to share our secret, though. Give us a call today.