It’s not as it appears. Sure looks real, though, doesn’t it? Optical illusions are cool. I really like it when they paint an ugly building or wall with an illusion. It fools the eye. The French call it a Trompe D’oeil (pronounced Trowmp Duh-ee).

What is not cool is the illusion of your data being backed up when it isn’t. It is astounding how many businesses we find that think their stuff is being backed up, but it isn’t. It is an illusion.

One company was assured by their IT guy that they were being regularly backed up. Problem was, nobody bothered to verify that it was doing what it said it was doing. It was fooling them, Duh-ee!

Has anyone run a “reality check” on your backups lately? Do you think it would be a good idea? If your backups failed you could be in a real crevasse, couldn’t you?

Of course, we can help – but, preferably before you suffer a crash and you need that backup!
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