Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity... are you covered?

Tornados in Missouri and recent storms in Ohio and Virginia are a reminder that a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan is a critical part of your overall business planning. My friend Diana Spurgus, who owns BSSI in Lancaster, OH still had 23 customers without power and internet access 5 days after the storms that hit Ohio last month.

We’ve been very blessed here in SE Wisconsin. While the heat and drought have caused considerable problems for some, especially our farmers, We should give thanks every day that we have been spared anything as serious as many other states have. Still, we need to be prepared.
How would your business fare in the event of a serious storm-related emergency?
Let’s consider this a wake-up call for SE Wisconsin. We dodged the bullet again, but the next time we might not fare so well… UNLESS WE HAVE A DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN.