One of our techs reported recently that many of our own clients persist in using weak passwords, like their initials, or 12345, or even "password". Maybe they think nobody is trying to get into their data. Or, maybe they don't like having to keep track of too many passwords. I respect that, but it opens up the possibility of all kinds of problems. A recent article in eWeek reported that weak passwords is the top IT security risk of 2013.

A Password Protocol

In addition to a good password, you should also adopt a password protocol for your company. Social hackers are individuals who misrepresent themselves as agents for various companies. They try to fool people to give up their passwords. Never give out your passwords to anyone over email, telephone, or otherwise.

Fixing the damage caused by these things can be quite costly, but our purpose here at ManagePoint is to prevent them from ever occurring in the first place. Hopefully you will find this video both instructive and useful.

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