Not all things that look good to eat are good to eat. This frog learned the lesson too late. (I’m sure it was really tasty going down, though.)

Same with e-mails. It can be tempting to open an e-mail that says (subject line),”See who’s been searching for you on-line”, or “You just won a bazillion $$”, or “Be careful what you eat” (oops – that one’s OK).

Hard to believe, but there are a lot of slimy people out there that get their jollies by infecting your computer. A secretary opens an innocuous looking e-mail from someone they don’t know and BAM! your whole network goes down.

Can’t happen? Read this from one of our clients:

“I thought our network was absolutely secure UNTIL one of our employees accidentally downloaded a nasty worm. Within seconds, our entire network was compromised; but thanks to ManagePoint , we were able to quickly recover and avoid a lot of embarrassment, costs and downtime. Now we have proper security systems in place and are being monitored.” - Angie Van Scyoc, CEO, Geriatric Support/ Pathway Care

As Angie indicated, we at ManagePoint have the tools to keep nasty emails from coming in and to keep them from killing your network. Ask us about MailScreen, our managed e-mail filtering solution, or about SecurPoint, our Internet security solution, or about our Fortigate firewall. Better get on this sooner than later, though. You don’t want to be like our froggie who learned too late.

To encourage you to take care of this, we offer you a FREE Security Assessment (a $295 value)*. We will check your mail filters, firewall and anti-virus to see if they are properly enabled and functioning optimally. Please hurry, as we can only offer this until November 30th.
FAIR WARNING: This Thanksgiving’s gut-bomb will be Deep-Fried Pecan Pie-On-A-Stick. You MUST RESIST!

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*Offer valid for qualified businesses with 10 or more computer workstations.