Scott Curry
Senior Systems Engineer

Scott has been with ManagePoint since 2015. He worked in Quality assurance at iMarketing Acquistions, more specifically U.S. Billing, performing quality assurance on both the fundraising division and printing operations previously.

Scott genuinely enjoys fixing things, whether electrical or mechanical. On a certain level he believes it seems as though it is something he was born to do. Technology pervades his existence and he has an innate ability to ferret out problems and their causes, as well as a nearly insatiable curiosity.

On a personal note, Scott has been teaching himself to play the piano and it currently consumes a fair bit of his time as of late. He mostly plays modern music along the lines of Adele, Nine Inch Nails, and Pink Floyd, but he would like to learn more classical pieces for the technical skill that they require. Scott is also an admitted 'foodie' and enjoys cooking and visiting new restaurants with friends, as well as being a burgeoning wine aficionado. He enjoys cycling, and when time permits he likes to ride up and down the lake shore trail in Bay View.