David Steger

I was in a secure, well-paying position as a computer network engineer with a large national technology firm. It had been bothering me that I saw how small and mid-sized businesses were underserved and ignored in favor of larger businesses. I was, and am, continually astounded to discover how many computer service companies are unresponsive, untrained and arrogant. They are hard to reach, slow to respond, condescending and self-righteous. They overcharge and routinely take advantage of the client's ignorance by recommending expensive systems that are more than the client needs. I feel that it is shameful what passes for computer support today. So many SMBs are being shafted and it has become my mission to educate and demonstrate what quality technology support can be.

By 2002, it had become my passion to personally provide high-level service to the SMB market and I left my job to start my own company. I wanted my company, ManagePoint, to set the standard for network service. ManagePoint has experienced steady growth every year since and I am satisfied to report that I have proven that high quality, rapid-response computer service can be offered to small and mid-sized businesses at a reasonable cost. We even still service several businesses that have been with us almost from the start, companies such as Price Erecting Co. and Pereles Brothers Inc. After fifteen years I consider these clients to be more like family than clients! My, and by extension ManagePoint's, dedication to their prosperity and growth has not waned. Needless to say, the same fire that prompted me to launch my own business still fuels my vision today. No matter how large ManagePoint grows, I will never forget my original mandate to provide first-class technology support to SMBs at reasonable cost.

In a nutshell, I have formed ManagePoint to be focused on removing the headaches of supporting computer technology for small and mid-sized business owners. I will strive to bring back the confidence and Peace of Mind that everything is taken care of day and night. I even guarantee your satisfaction!

I look forward to meeting or speaking with you soon!